International Journal of Creative Research and Studies

Volume 7 Issue 4, April-2023

Title: Welcome, Ukraine- A comparative analysis of the Ukrainian and Austrian primary school curriculum

Author: Dr. Martin Kölbel


The integration of children at compulsory education age in the respective education system has been subject of discussions ever since. Due to increasing numbers of especially Ukrainian refugees fleeing their war-torn home country, European and especially Austrian education systems face the challenge of having to ensure a somewhat smooth transition from the Ukrainian school system to its Austrian counterpart. Therefore, the present study aims at a profound analysis of the Ukrainian primary school curriculum and highlights both similarities and differences to the Austrian primary school curriculum. The analysis revealed that huge differences in terms of subjects implemented in both curricula and lessons allocated for the specific subjects occur. However, apart from the obvious subject-specific differences, both curricula state learning methods and techniques; while the Austrian curriculum highlights eight ‘didactic principles’, ‘didactic recommendations’ ca...

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Publisher:Knowledge-Ridge Publishers

Area/Scope:Business Economics and Management ;Social Science, Literature, Arts and Humanities; Engineering and Technology; Life Science and Physical Science; Health and Medical Science

Frequency: Monthly

Format:Online & Print


Review-Process:Double Blinded

Access: Open Access