International Journal of Creative Research and Studies

Volume 7 Issue 2, February-2023

Title: How with the decisions of the governments of Prime-Ministers Sergey Stanishev 2009 and Boyko Borisov 2010, giving private land a concession for 35 years, they tried to steal private land of the "Principality of Dobrev Halachev" assisted by the judges of the Supreme Administrative Court G. Matejska, T Petrov, St. Slavov, Y. Konstantinov, F. Naydenova, M. Dimitrova, Bl. Lipcheva, St. Kemalova, and failed 5 billion USD investments, and losses for 15 billion USD, supported by the prosecutor's office and the court, by the USA, by the European Union and the Commission and the European Court of Human Rights!- Genocide of law, justice and its mafiotization- there is no rule of law in Bulgaria! It is the turn of the UN Human Rights Council to prove whether it serves this mafia?!?!

Author: Prince Lord Prof. Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev & Princess Lady Prof. Mariola Garibova-Dobreva


Lord Prof. PhD Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev and Prof. Mariola Garibova-Dobreva developed in 2006, "Theory of degree of democracy" and "Theory of degree of justice/injustice" based on their practice in court, prosecutor's office, state. Since 2003, Prof.  Momtchil  Dobrev has been creating the Theory of Corruption, "Theory of the Mafia, "Theory of Mafiaism", "Financial Banking Resource Technological Mafiosoted Materialism" and based on their practice they prove that in Bulgaria there is rule of law and that the Mafia rules as the court, the prosecutor's office, the state in Bulgaria. Prince Lord Prof. Momtchil Dobrev in relation to his fight with this mafia even after 9 attempts to kill him and his family since 2011, he will continue to fight this mafia

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