International Journal of Creative Research and Studies

Volume 7 Issue 2, February-2023

Title: Results and consequences of the Pandemic Covid-19 organized and implemented on the basis of Prof. Momtchil Dobrev and Prof. Mariola-Garibova-Dobreva "Theory and Practice of the Tunnel-Spiral-Centrifuge of Human Genocide" part of "Theory of Social Human Genocide" for imposing A New World Order by the Deep Mafia

Author: Prince Lord Prof. PhD Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev & Princess Lady Prof. Mariola Garibova


In 2006, Lord Prof. Momtchil Dobrev and Prof. Mariola Garibova-Dobreva developed the Theory of Social Human Genocide", which theory proves the plans and actions of the deep mafia to reduce the population of the Earth. Theory and practice of The Tunnel-Spiral-Centrifuge of Human Genocide is a part of the "Theory of Social Human Genocide".

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