International Journal of Creative Research and Studies

Volume 6 Issue 12, December-2022

Title: Genocide of Law, Legality and Justice to the appointed by the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, General Rumen Radev, Ministers of Justice Prof. Yanaki Stoilov and Krum Zarkov and other Ministers of Justice- full support and stretched umbrella over the neoliberal neo-fascist mafia of the Chamber of Private Enforcement agents and its chairpersons Private enforcement agents Georgi Dichev and Hadjiivanov!?!! Inaction by President Rumen Radev to demand that the ministers appointed by him respect the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and to convene the Advisory Council for National Security because of this mafia- a danger to national security!! Losses for over 150 billion euros!! The Mafia has a State!!!

Author: Prince Lord Prof. Momchil Dobrev


Lord Prof. PhD Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev developed in 2008, "Theory of generating of crises", in 2010, "Theory and practice of the Mafiotismus" and in 2001, "Theory of the mafia". Based on these theories, this paper explains the establishment of the mafiotismus in private judicial enforcement and the inaction of ministers of justice who support this neoliberal neo-fascist mafia in private judicial enforcement.

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