International Journal of Creative Research and Studies

Title: Perception of Preschool Teacher’s about Children’s Learning through Creativity: In the case of Government and Private Preschools of Bahir Dar city: A Means for intervention, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Author: Mezgebu Bayu Bezabih


The main purpose of this study was to examine the perception of preschool teachers about children’s learning through creativity. Crosse sectional research design was employed and 76sample pre-primary school teachers were selected through simple random sampling technique. The required data was collected via adapted instruments from previously conducted researches by (Humaira Irfan, 2012) and then the data was analyzed by using independent sample t-test one sample t- test and one way ANOVA as well as post Hok test was run. The independent sample t-test showed that there was statistically significant difference between male and female preschool teachers at (t=.341,df =74 p<0.05) in which female teachers have positive perception towards children’s learning through creativity. Besides, the result of independent t- test also displayed that statistical significant difference was observed in perception of creativity between gov...

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