International Journal of Creative Research and Studies

Volume 3 Issue 12, December-2019

Title: The Principles of Military Necessity on Dismisal Punishment towards Soldiers on Drug Abuse

Author: Syamsoel Hoeda, M. Arief Amrullah & Y.A. Triana Ohoiwutun


The background of this research is the principle of military importance in the sentence of dismissal from the service of Indonesian National Army Soldiers as narcotics abusers. This study aims to analyze and find military significance in terms of removal from the facility of TNI soldiers as narcotics abusers based on Military Law and other aspects of military life. Research that uses normative legal research methods with the legislation approach, conceptual approach, and case approach gives the result that the sentence of dismissal of soldiers as narcotics abusers has fulfilled the principle of military interests. And other illegal drugs are included in the Criminal Code because the consequences of this crime are not only a military threat but also damage the discipline of soldiers in carrying out their duties.

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