International Journal of Creative Research and Studies

Volume 3 Issue 12, December-2019

Title: Regulations of Halal Certification in Small and Medium Micro Business Products (UMKM) in Indonesia

Author: Dyah Ochtorina Susanti, A’an Efendi & Nuzulia Kumala Sari


This research is motivated by the many products of Micro and Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKMs) developing in Indonesia, where UMKM products, especially food products to be circulated, must guarantee the safety, quality, nutrition, and most importantly the halalness of the products, which can realize through certification halal which of course also requires a legal umbrella governing it. In connection with the purpose of this study is to analyze and provide understanding related to the regulation of halal certification on UMKM products. Research that uses a normative legal research method with a statutory approach, this conceptual gives results in the form of a statement that up to now, there is no specific halal certification arrangement and specifically discusses UMKMs. At the end of this study, the researcher also advised the government to make regulations governing the halal certification of U...

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Area/Scope:Business Economics and Management ;Social Science, Literature, Arts and Humanities; Engineering and Technology; Life Science and Physical Science; Health and Medical Science

Frequency: Monthly

Format:Online & Print


Review-Process:Double Blinded

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